5'5" Symphony (Varial) (Used)

5'5" x 20.75" x 2.6"

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Inspired by Mini Simmons planing hulls, the Symphony is one of the fastest shapes we make — a good session guaranteed. Ride it short. An excellent wave catcher, gets up to speed right off the drop and just takes off from there. Flows around flat sections and allows for tight, on-rail carves with the fins placed on the rail. Flat, almost concave deck to a nice pinched, slopey rail. Slight belly to single concave to a pronounced double concave through the fins. Ridden mostly as a quad but goes great with twin keel setup as well.
Constructed by Varial Surf

Varial has adapted cutting edge aerospace materials for a longer lasting surfboard without fatigue. A new foam chemistry and high quality vacuum bag glassing combined for superior strength.

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