6'1" Insanity (Used)

6'1" x 19.75" x 2.54" (35 Liters)
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Designed and developed with Josh Kerr, the Insanity is a swiss army knife when it comes to high performance shortboards. Created by taking the outline of a tube shooter and applying it to a fish deck and rocker. After some adjustments to the rocker, it became the perfect cheater board, offering high performance while requiring less work. Designed with versatility in mind, the Insanity has a unique ability to fit in the most critical section of the wave, while also carrying speed through flat sections with ease. With the added wing, the outline carries more width through the tail, offering more planing area with easier release through turns. Can be ridden as a quad for extra hold or twin trailer for a more free feel off the tail. Ride it at the same dimensions as your shortboard with around a liter more of volume.

Standard pressure dents on deck, overall good condition