6'0" Disaster (Used)

6'0" x 20" x 2.56" (35 Liters)
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A new iteration of the Disorder

This is the pinnacle of all of our research and development of performance asymmetry over the last decade, and the next generation of the proven Disasym. Set up for regular- or goofy-foot. Twin fin speed on your toes with quad grip and a pulled-in rail line on your heels, and now with an updated performance rocker that opens up more in smaller waves. The deep single concave that rolls to a vee through the fins generates speed and allows for smooth rail-to-rail transition. Twin fin speed combined with the control and maneuverability of a quad. Goes equally well frontside and backside, designed to maximize each approach uniquely. With a double concave on the deck for increased sensetivity and grip.