5'9" Lightbender (Dark Arts) (Used)

5'9" x 20.5" x 2.56" (33.7 Liters)

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A daily driver fish with a tighter outline and modern enhancements, designed to explore the limits of a traditional approach. Approachable for any style of surfing, combining easy speed generation and wave catching with the ability to turn wherever you want. Fits in tighter pockets and hangs in better waves than a traditional fish while offering the same timeless flow. Think of it as a performance fish, sized slightly longer and narrower than your traditional fish.

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Constructed By Dark Arts

The Dark Arts surfboards are hand crafted in San Diego, CA. Vacuum bagged, 3K carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringer-less foam blank, for optimum, flex, weight and durability. The traditional hot coat method is applied to the surfboards, then sanded and coated with a matte finish. Lastly, a 4oz regular cloth is used under carbon on the deck to minimize heavy denting. The surfboards can foot dent, but will outlast traditional construction.

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