5'9" Ixion (E.A.S.T.)

5'9" x 18.1" x 2.28" (28 Liters)

Part of a limited collection of boards created for the Stab Electric Acid Surfboard Test featuring Mick Fanning. 

The Ixion is the result of a narrowed out Twinsman Pin. Slight double-concave deck with beveled rails to quickly shave off foam from the center to the rail. Extra entry rocker with a more pulled in beak nose. Wing added to the heal side, slightly pulling in the rail, making for a more forgiving backside and a tighter turn radius.

Glassed by Loner Surf Club

This board is shaped in San Clemente, CA and glassed in San Clemente, CA at Loner Surf Club which is located directly behind our showroom. Home of renowned laminators Reid Lingenfelter and Jed Noll. Established by Ron Lingenfelter.

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