5'6" Plasmic (Wing Swallow)

5'6" x 20.75" x 2.5" (34 Liters)
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A variation of the Plasmic Asher has tested and enjoyed over the past year. Caters more to Asher's style of surfing with a slightly different sensation from the swallow tail that allows for more drawn out turns. Sized slightly longer than the standard Plasmic.

The Plasmic was created with the idea of fitting a lot of foam in a little package. Chunky outline with a fish entry. Flat deck profile with a low apex rail, making it a great paddler with easy rail-engagement. The deep, double-barrel concave generates effortless speed and creates lift off the back foot, while providing grip through your turns. Generally ridden with an upright twin and sized a little shorter and thicker than the Sunstone. We recommend riding it 3-5 liters more than your shortboard. As per most of our models, the plasmic is versatile and can be stretched to mid-lengths, step-ups and asyms, applying the same concepts.

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