5'5" Disaster (Used)

5'5" x 18.7" x 2.25"
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1 of 5 hand painted boards. Part of a limited collection featuring original artwork from Aaron Schwartz.

The Disaster applies the concepts of the Disorder to a smaller wave range with more width and less rocker. As high performance as you can get out of a shortboard, except easier because it goes faster. Our approach to surfing is never symmetrical, and the Disaster exemplifies that. Offers a unique sensation of drive and speed on your frontside with control and pivot on your backside. Surf anywhere on the wave while generating speed effortlessly and still being able to do your best turns. Unlimited potential in this design, maximizing your approach to both frontside and backside surfing. There’s no learning curve when it comes to asyms, just performance surfing made easy. Size it slightly shorter and wider than a Disorder.

Pressures on the deck, repair on the bottom