5'3" Fuzz

5'3” x 20" x 2.37" (30 liters)

The 5’3” Fuzz is a fast and fun twin fin for frequent surfers or groms to enjoy!

  • 5'3” x 20" x 2.37" (30 liters)
  • Fins included.  2 Futures Thermotech fins.
  • No wax needed. Front and rear pad on the deck.
  • Light and durable with an EPS core and Dual Aluminum Stringers.
Care & Handling Guide

- The rails are fragile, if you put the board on the roof of your car and adjust the straps tightly, the edges will dent. We suggest using a towel to avoid damaging the rails.

-DO NOT WAX OVER THE AIR VALVE! This will prevent air from escaping if it is left in high heat. 

- It is normal for the board to inflate under high heat. it is important to know that when the board inflates, the board is not delaminating, but quite the contrary. The excess air will be released through the air valves. the board will return to its normal state after the air is removed (Automatic). 

-We recommend, as with any board, not to leave it in the sun. If you plan on hanging at the beach bring an extra towels to cover it with. 

- The black board with front and rear grip can cause rash due to the texture.  We suggest wearing a shirt, wetsuit top, or rash guard to prevent this.