5'11" Bom Dia (Regular) (Used)

5'11" x 19.25" x 2.44" (32.5 Liters)
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The Bom Dia (Good Morning) is a collaboration between Matt Parker and Victor Bernardo. The Bom Dia is an alternative performance board that is meant to be ridden as well as you can surf. Goes equally well frontside and backside, designed to maximize each approach uniquely. Unlike most alternative boards, the Bom Dia doesn’t need much width as it generates speed efficiently and planes right off the bat. With a narrow outline and asymmetrical tail, it rolls rail to rail instantly, making it very user friendly. Strong paddler that carries speed through turns. Sized similar to an Insanity, slightly shorter and more volume than a performance board. 

Stock dimensions are purely a reference point, they can always be tweaked in custom orders.

Need Help Finding Fins?

Good amount of pressure dents on the deck and the bottom of the board, one noticeable repair