5'10" Lightbender (Wing) (Used)

5'10" x 20.75" x 2.60" (35 Liters)
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With the addition of a wing, this lightbender will have a slight bit more release from the tail due to the wing creating a break in the rail line. 

This is Asher and Matt’s next evolution of a fish with a sleeker outline and foil. It has modern elements in a classic and traditionally pleasing platform. A fish that can explore the limits of speed and tube-riding and can be taken above the lip. Primarily a twin fin, but can be tried as a quad or twin with stabilizer. Modern single- to double-concave to vee off the tail, and contemporary rails. Ridden an inch or so longer than a Sunstone and a bit narrower, but the same thickness. Ride it with 2-3 liters more than your performance shortboard.

Condition: Standard pressure dents on the deck.