5'10" Fascination (Bat) (Regular)

5'10" x 21" x 2.63" (39 Liters)
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This iteration of the Fascination features a bat tail as opposed to the standard swallow tail and asymmetrically placed boxes. This creates a pivot point where the ball of your foot sits and the most pressure is applied. Additionally the filled in tail acts as a continuation of the rocker curve while adding more planing surface area to the board. This version can be ridden slightly shorter than the swallow tail Fascination. 

A classic fish turned asymmetrical. Everything you love about your fish, but without limitations. Twin fin speed on the toe side, quad control on the heal side. Slightly straighter outline than a traditionally fish, leading to more speed and hold. Ride it an inch or two longer and slightly narrower than your classic fish, but keep the same thickness. 

Glassed by Loner Surf Club

This board is shaped in San Clemente, CA and glassed in San Clemente, CA at Loner Surf Club which is located directly behind our showroom. Home of renowned laminators Reid Lingenfelter and Jed Noll. Established by Ron Lingenfelter.

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