5'11" Sunstone Hovercraft (Quad) (Used)

5'11" x 20.75" x 2.75" (40 Liters)

Shipping cost included


This is the purest form of a classic fish that we make, an ode to Southern California. It has traditional fish roots that have been refined to perform and feel more alive. Surfed with a classic approach, the board is doing all the work, trimming and generating speed with fast and fluid carves. The Hovercraft is wider and thicker throughout, designed to be ridden shorter than the standard Sunstone. The hip in the tail creates a break in the rail allowing for more pivot and release. Paddles and gets up to speed regardless of conditions, bringing small surf to life with easy glide and release, while also offering surprising hold in better conditions. 

Very new condition, almost no pressure dents and no dings