6'6" Lucent (Used)

6'6" x 20.5" x 2.7" (41 Liters)
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Designed & developed by Asher Pacey. The Lucent originated as a symmetrical version of the Townsend. With a more pulled in outline and performance rail than the Darkness and a bit more curve in the rocker. It can operate as a step up / paddle machine with Asher generally using it when Kirra is pumping. Intended to be ridden in the mid 6' Range, but just as any model, stock dimensions are purely a reference point, they can always be tweaked in custom orders. 

Glassed by The Lights Out Glassing Co.

This board is shaped by Matt Parker in San Clemente, CA and glassed by The Lights Out Glassing Co. in Oceanside, CA. We have worked with Lights Out for almost 20 years, continually providing high quality glassing. 

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