5'7" Twinbender (Used)

5'7" x 20.25" x 2.35" (31.5 Liters)
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The Twinbender is a winged variation of the Lightbender. The break in the rail line caused by the wing increases pivot and allows for tighter radius turns.

This is Asher and Matt’s next evolution of a fish with a sleeker outline and foil. It has modern elements in a classic and traditionally pleasing platform. A fish that can explore the limits of speed and tube-riding and can be taken above the lip. Primarily a twin fin, but can be tried as a quad or twin with stabilizer. Modern single- to double-concave to vee off the tail, and contemporary rails. 

Ridden an inch or so longer than a Sunstone and a bit narrower, but the same thickness. Ride it with 2-3 liters more than your performance shortboard.

Some minor pressure dents, multiple dings repaired