The Concept

This board will change your perspective of what a twin fin is. Regardless of your approach to surfing, the Twinsman offers something for everybody.

Deck Profile

Flat/concave deck with foam pushed to the perimeter, quickly tapering into a modern rail. A flat deck distributes foam evenly throughout the board and under your chest, providing more paddle and allowing the board to be ridden with extra foam.

Rocker Profile

Relaxed entry rocker lets more surface area contact the water, in turn creating better paddle, speed generation and momentum. Extra exit rocker allows the board to fit in steeper sections and be surfed more vertically than traditional twins.

Bottom Contour

Single concave under the front foot, transitioning into a slight double through the fins and vee off the tail, otherwise known as a spiral vee. The modern bottom generates speed, helps the board roll rail to rail and drive off your back foot.


The design concepts used in the Twinsman have taken on many forms. With each iteration, there are both familiar and unfamilair aspects. All of which are functional in their own respective way.