8'0" Ledge


8'0" x 20.5" x 2.88" // 53.4 liters Ledge with custom resin pigment and combo Gloss/Matte finish. PU/PE. glassed 6+6/6oz, Futures 4+1 fin set up.

New age step-up. Templates from the past mixed with a modern bottom, beveled deck and responsive rails. Eye-opening paddle power. It paddles 5-7” longer than its length (a 6’2” moves like a 6’8”). Built for critical surf. Made to get in early, set your line and get piped. Finite speed control as well - can accelerate with a pump to get through a runner and jam on the brakes to find the tube. Wide point forward. Made to make barrels! We’ve had a ton of buzz around this the last year. Quiver necessity.

Come see this at our showroom in San Clemente at 1705 N. El Camino Real. Weekdays 10-7pm or Saturdays 11-6pm.