6'2" Swing

$620 $720

6'2" x 21.5" x 2.75" // 38.9 liters Swing with custom concrete colored resin tint. PU/PE, FCS II 5 fin, glassed 6+4/4oz, sanded finish.

A go-to hybrid that takes some elements of the Polyphonic & Disc in a stubby, user-friendly, fast outline. Can fit in a tight pocket or tube but can also get up to speed instantly with a quick step on the front foot to get around a section or carry your speed in flatter, mushier surf. Ride it short, add a little width, and ride it at your normal thickness. Goes great with the 5-fin optional setup.

Come see this at our showroom in San Clemente at 1705 N. El Camino Real. Weekdays 10-7pm or Saturdays 11-6pm.

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