6'0" Dischord Epoxy - Used

$400 $760

6'0" x 19.6 x 2.38" // 29.5 liters Dischord in EPS/Epoxy with custom color. FCS II tri fin, sanded finish.

The highest level of modern, performance surfing. Aggressive rocker, deep single concave allowing for finite control & maneuverability – this board is loose, fast & really fun. The Dischord excels when the waves get around chest high & above, but works in a variety of conditions – waist high to double overhead. Popular as a step-up for bigger waves also. Basically, when the waves are on and you want to take it to the next level, this is the board you want to be riding.

Come see this at our showroom in San Clemente at 1705 N. El Camino Real. Weekdays 10-7pm or Saturdays 11-6pm.

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