5'7" UTF


5'7" x 20.2" x 2.56" // 32.8 liters UTF twin with custom ghost mustard rails & glass on twin mod keel fins. glassed 4+4oz deck + volan deck patch, 6oz bottom. PU/PE. Sanded finish

Our favorite fish. Classic influence and inspiration but updated to help this concept more fully realize its potential. Slightly modified template from the Lis style. Nipped & tucked to perform as a daily driver. Foam friendly, flat deck, beveled performance rails, modern bottom contours. Ridden as a twin or quad with a deep swallow tail. Made to fly.

Come see this at our showroom in San Clemente at 1705 N. El Camino Real. Weekdays 10-7pm or Saturdays 11-6pm.