Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you ship to me?

    We can ship anywhere, domestic or international. Shipping usually starts at $150 for boards under 7’0”. For a free quote, email us at with your address and board height.
  • How long does a custom board take?

    Custom orders take 4-8 weeks, depending on your requests and the time of year. Clear-sanded finish with no color takes about 4 weeks. Color, finishes and other requests add time, but no later than 8 weeks.
  • How much is a custom board?

    Boards under 7’0” start at $700, color adds $50 to $100.  See the custom order form for pricing details.
  • Do I need to pick an existing model?

    We can make any size or shape for you, it doesn’t have to be one of our board models.
  • Do you do collaborations?

    Yep. We’ll occasionally do collaborations with brands and artists that align well with Album. For inquiries on collaborations email us at
  • Do you make display boards?

    Oh yeah, wall-hangers for homes and offices. These can have your logo or other custom graphic you provide. Fill out the custom order form and mention it in the notes.


  • When is your retail showroom open?

    Monday-Friday 10-7pm PT.  Saturday 11-6pm PT.  Sundays we’re closed, hanging with family. We’re located at 1705 N El Camino Real, San Clemente CA 92672
  • Do you repair boards?

    We do. The repair cost depends on how bad the ding is. Bring it by and we’ll give you an estimate.
  • Can I sell my Album board through Album?

    If it’s in good shape, we can sell your board for Album credit. Credit can be used for custom boards, stock boards, apparel and other goods. Stop by and we’ll help you out.