Some details to help you understand your options.


Poly Urethane foam laminated using Polyester Resin. This is the most common glassing we do. Tried and true, great flex pattern and fair durability.


Expanded Polystyrene foam laminated using Epoxy Resin. EPS foam is inherently lightweight and the combination of EPS foam and epoxy resin provides increased strength and durability. EPS foam and epoxy resin create a stiffer, more buoyant board. The materials used are considered more environmentally friendly because they are produced without the use of toxic chemicals.

Carbon Wrap & EPS Core

Dark Arts


The Dark Arts surfboards are hand crafted, vacuum bagged, 3K carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringer-less foam blank, for optimum, flex, weight and durability. The traditional hot coat method is applied to the surfboards, then sanded and coated with a matte finish. Lastly, a 4oz regular cloth is used under carbon on the deck to minimize heavy denting. The surfboards can foot dent, but will outlast traditional construction.This is the lightest and most durable construction we offer.

Varial Foam

Cutting edge aerospace materials for a longer lasting surfboard with less fatigue.


By using superior materials Varial foam provides increased performance for any board. Precision glassing and an engineered core reduce weight and increase responsiveness for faster, livelier surfing. Varial’s closed cell structure is uniform and tight with a geodesic pattern giving the foam extreme strength. This construction when glassed with Polyester resin is a durable substitute for traditional PU/Poly. When glassed with Epoxy resin is a durable substitute for EPS/Epoxy.