5'11" Bom Dia (Regular)

5'11" x 21" x 2.66" (37.5 Liters)

This Bom Dia offers a bit fuller of an outline in combination with rocker, deck profile, and foam distribution of the standard Bom Dia. This fuller outline will allow for easier use in small or sloppy conditions. 

The Bom Dia (Good Morning) is a collaboration between Matt Parker and Victor Bernardo. The Asymmetrical tail and quad fin setup creates fast and smooth rail to rail transition, while still providing enough hold to really lay into turns. Hidden foam under the chest and a beak nose provide extra paddle and speed to go along with a tapered down-rail, allowing this board to be surfed in a wide variety of conditions. 

Glassed by The Lights Out Glassing Co.

This board is shaped by Matt Parker in San Clemente, CA and glassed by The Lights Out Glassing Co. in Oceanside, CA. We have worked with Lights Out for almost 20 years, continually providing high quality glassing. 

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