Blog post with a longer title than normal

26 March 2020

Blog post with a longer title than normal

Blog post with a longer title than normal


The Sunstone is the foundation of Asher Pacey's quiver, a baseline twin-fin fish for everyday surf and travel. It has traditional fish roots that have been refined to perform and feel more alive. It has elements from our long-running UTF model, but with a new outline and a more pronounced vee off the exit, along with a little more double-concave under the back foot. It paddles like a beast and gets up to speed right away. Ride it with keel fins or more of an upright twin template depending on where you're surfing. This is the timeless mainstay. Everything for Asher begins here.


The premier tool of the twin-fin trade. In Asher’s first batch of Album boards, this was the one that rose to the top and became his go-to performer in all conditions. This is the one that had everyone asking what is he riding?! Slight concave deck, foam pushed to the perimeter with a revolutionary rail to rocker to bottom contour combination that generates and maintains speed effortlessly but allows for easy control, direction changes and drive on-demand. Josh spent a month in Indo at the end of 2019 and the majority of the footage was on the Twinsman. He couldn’t get off it. Ride this one a couple inches longer than your fish and 1-3 liters more than your traditional shortboard.



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